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Your SeaPass Card is Your Room Key and Used for Onboard Purchases

Your SeaPass is your room key and is used for onboard purchases. It will be on your stateroom door by approximately 1:00 pm. Prior to that time, use your SetSail pass for purchases. We suggest adding your credit card to your account to avoid lines at Guest Services.

Your muster location for the mandatory emergency drill onboard is printed on your SeaPass.

When linking a credit card to an onboard account, guests can expect to see an initial $100 pending charge or authorization on their credit card. This pending amount is used to secure funds for anticipated onboard purchases. 

Purchases made onboard over the initial $100 will generate additional holds. These holds are not charges. Most holds are released by the time your cruise ends and final charges are settled, however, some may take up to 30 days.

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