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Apostolics At Sea 2024 Cruise - Frequently Asked Questions

We've created the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Scheduling Flights 

Fly and arrive on Sunday the 18th.

While saving on a hotel night can be tempting, remember that the cruise port is an hour away from both airports. Delays can easily turn into a missed cruise opportunity. To avoid any stress, fly in on Sunday, the 18th, and enjoy a relaxing night at one of Galveston's many hotels. This way, you can wake up refreshed and ready to embark on your cruise adventure without any worries.

Fly home with departures after 12 pm.

On Disembarkation Day, schedule flights after 12 noon. Most usually, you're off the ship by 9:30 and with the one hour ride to the airport in time for  a 11am check-in.

Through the Royal Caribbean app, a Disembarkation Day Space Center and Transfer to Bush Int'l Airport (IAH) is available with a departure at 9:00 am. See details in the app.


New Bookings

How much is the deposit?

Interior and Balcony

  • $250 per stateroom (no matter how many guests)

Why is the deposit more for Ultra Spacious Oceanview and the Suites?

Sadly, too many guests booked these rooms and then cancelled last minute leaving these staterooms to guests outside our group. We want Apostolics At Sea guests to have the best stateroom options and that will require a larger deposit.

Is there a payment plan for the 2024 cruise?
Yes! Full payment is due by September 1st, we're happy to accomodate a payment arrangement.

When is final payment due for the 2024 cruise?
September 1, 2023.

In years past, final payment was in October/November?

True, but too many guests were not making payments and then attempting to cancel (and loosing their deposit) while causing inventory issues for Apostolics At Sea.


Will the price go down on the 2024 Apostolics At Sea cruise?

Never. In fact, prices will go up. The best time to book ANY cruise is when they are first sold.

I've Registered, Now What?

We process new bookings and payments on Saturdays. Once your payment has been processed, we'll send you an updated Invoice.


Pre-Cruise Events

Will you have a pre-cruise concert like we did in 2020?
That was fun (thank you Bro. Randy Williams and the great church in Ft. Myers). We always want to make the Apostolics At Sea cruise better and while we will not have a pre-cruise concert prior to the 2024 sailing, we'll keep this option as a possibility for a future cruise.



Can I Book with Another Travel Provider

No. Even if Royal Caribbean or an outside travel agent books you on the same cruise ship, they cannot reserve a spot for you in any of our private event programming. Only reservations made through Apostolics At Sea will provide our guests Event Badges that secure entrance to every concert, gathering and event experience.



Why was the Apostolics At Sea 2023 cruise rescheduled to 2024?
We were never going to be able to sail with the crowd we needed while the Covid vaccine requirement was in place. When the vaccine requirement was removed in late 2022, there was not enough time to start new bookings for a successful 2023 sailing.

I had a booking from prior Apostolics At Sea sailings, what happens to my money already paid?
Thank you for sticking with us. Your booking and money paid are being transferred to the new date of February 19-24, 2024. You'll receive an email from us soon.

This is the 3rd year that the cruise has been postponed, are you sure we'll sail in 2024?
We hear you. We waited well after the Covid vaccine requirement was removed to ensure, based on what we have experienced so far, that the Covid vaccine requirement would not be brought back. Since the return to cruising in 2021, the industry has successfully dealt with any health issues onboard and at each of the ports.

By the way, we're firmly entrenched in the travel industry as travel advisors and we're comfortable moving forward with the 2024 Apostolics At Sea cruise.

I want to cancel, can I get a full refund for my cruise booking?
No. Per the cruise line, prior reservations cannot be cancelled without a 100% penalty.

I still want to cruise this February 2023? Can I use my existing money paid?
Unfortunately, we were only offered the ability to move all reservations to the February 19-24, 2024 date.

We still want to sail in 2023 and want to make a NEW booking.
Call us. As you can imagine, when a group of our size has to reschedule, the cruise line suddenly has a bunch of staterooms to sell - they've given us some BIG discounts!


Covid Vaccine and Testing

As of August 2022, the Covid vaccine and pre-testing requirements have been eliminated.


I have a vaccine card, should I bring it?

The Covid vaccine card is not required to cruise.


Should I bring a Covid vaccine test kit with me?

Pre-cruise testing is not required to cruise.

We Are Travel Advisors

Do you have any other group trips?
Yes! This is what we do - see our group trips at

You sound like you know a lot to about cruising, can you plan my family or small group's cruise?
Not only are we nice people but we've owned our travel advisory business for a decade. We've sent our guests as near as their local cruise port and to distant spots around the world. Call or email us anytime.

Do you only do cruises?
We do more than cruises. Want to take a group to the Holy Land? We got that. Want to take an escorted tour in North America, Europe or beyond? We got that covered also. How about a bucket list trip to the Pyramids in Egypt or the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands? You get the point, call us.

Visit for all our our group trips.

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