Rescheduling of Apostolics At Sea cruise to 2023 - Frequently Asked Questions

We've created the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Why is the Apostolics At Sea 2022 cruise being rescheduled to 2023?
The cruise lines have modified their social distancing protocols for onboard group events that have directly impacted the Apostolics At Sea cruise. The result of these protocol changes have made the onboard venues unavailable to us for our services and shows as in prior sailings.

What happens to my money already paid?
Your booking and money paid are being transferred to the new date of February 20-25, 2023. You're good.

This is the 2nd year that the cruise has been postponed, will we sail in 2023?
We cannot predict the future. However, all indications are that many protocols will elapse and cruising will be better than ever. It is the goal of Royal Caribbean for as many people to cruise and the best way to ensure this is the elimination of many existing requirements.

I cancelled before the December 8, 2021 deadline for a refund, will I still get my refund?
As many have already received refunds, you should have received your refund, check your credit card statements.

I want to cancel, can I get a full refund for my cruise rather than a cruise credit from Royal Caribbean?
No. At least not without penalty.

What if I'm OK with all of the requirements from the cruise line and we still want to cruise this February 2022? Can I use my existing money paid?
We proposed this possibility for some of our guests but unfortunately, we were only offered the ability to move all reservations to the February 20-25, 2023 date.

We still want to sail on the February 18-23, 2022 sailing and want to make a NEW booking.
Call us. As you can imagine, when a group of our size has to reschedule, the cruise line suddenly has a bunch of staterooms to sell - they've given us some BIG discounts!

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Questions About the 2023 Cruise

Will the Covid vaccine be required for the 2023 Apostolics At Sea cruise?
Probably. But maybe not. Everyone has a position on the Covid vaccine but fortunately for us, this is not the venue to dispute the benefits or drawbacks. If we're cruising, we're following the rules set by whomever owns the ship in which we're sailing. Royal Caribbean has repeatedly said that the best way to get the most people to cruise is with the least restrictions. For now, the Covid vaccine and pre-cruise testing is required... until it's not.

I want to book the 2023 cruise, when can I see prices?
Royal Caribbean is putting together our pricing and should have ready soon.

Is it better to wait for a last minute deal?
Never. While there can be a spot sale or discount, these are usually for just a few hours and for certain types of staterooms. The best time to book ANY cruise is when there are first sold.

Will you have a payment plan for the 2023 cruise?
Yes! We highly encourage you to make payments throughout the year. Call us or let us know in the comments when you book your room and we'll set up a plan tailored for you.

When is final payment due for the 2023 cruise?
October 1, 2022.

When will you announce the Entertainment for the 2023 Apostolics At Sea sailing?
Our singers, musicians and preachers have very challenging schedules that often change. We already have commitments for 2023 but rather than promise and have to backtrack, we'll announce later in 2023.

Will you have a pre-cruise concert like we did in 2020?
That was fun (thank you Bro. Randy Williams and the great church in Ft. Myers). We always want to make the Apostolics At Sea cruise better and we'll keep this option as a possibility for a future cruise.

Will you have pre-cruise hotel and shuttle packages in 2023?
You betcha. We had everything lined up for 2022 and you can expect we'll be setup for 2023.

Do you have any other group trips?
Yes! This is what we do.

  • We're taking a small group to cruise Alaska on June 17-24, 2022 out of Seattle on the beautiful Ovation of the Seas.​

  • We're working on group for a Canada/New England cruise

  • We have a group for February 2023 to the Holy Land

Visit for all our our group trips.

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We Are Travel Advisors

You sound like you know a lot to about cruising, can you plan my family or small group's cruise?
Not only are we nice people but we've owned our travel advisory business for a decade. We've sent our guests as near as their local cruise port and to distant spots around the world. Call or email us anytime.

Do you only do cruises?
We do more than cruises. Want to take a group to the Holy Land? We got that. Want to take an escorted tour in North America, Europe or beyond? We got that covered also. How about a bucket list trip to the Pyramids in Egypt or the archipelago of the Galapagos Islands? You get the point, call us.